Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Opening a baggage. (without opening the pad-lock)

This is how you lost your belonging even the pad-lock is still not opened.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My birthday present.

I got this crystal watch from a pretty lady - Stella (the lady boss of S2 slimming company)

Very blink!!! Love it!

Old kawan, Zi Yue very "yau sam"
Didn't attend my bday dinner but also bought me this useful book for me.
Like the card also =p

Nice hand writing!

Wennie got this for me.. My favorite L'Occitane!

Lau tou ~ Xiu, got me a very useful stamp! And her sweet daughter made me this mobile chain the night before deng99 club's gathering. 
So sweet of her!!!

Xiu's present. Nicely wrapped.

Momoko got me this towel, got my name leh!!!! Who dare to steal my towel now!
haha.. love the meh meh!

Dear Wennie also bought me this. Nice size for shopping!
No more plastic bags.

Here is not all yet.... But already the most i ever got in my whole life!!!!
Thanks to my dear friends!!!!

My sis ~ Melinda bought me this. 
Nice scent!

William Kee bought me these, i think he also realized my hands quite dry....
Pai sei...

My idol ~ Cilla Fong got me this... It is quite expensive....

3 pretty Miss Astro 2008 Lyn, Linaa & Kelly got me this. Want to make me smells great but yet still a cruel judge. =p

Dear Vivian Tok & Howard Kong got me these. L'Occitane leh!!!!
This time i saved so much on this brand. Haha.... long time don't need to buy jor.

Check this out! Vivian sticked 2 cards together.... 
Matched my Birthday theme - 21 x 2.
haha, quite humour wo!

These can made me more pretty & more youthful look. 
Dear Ron got it for me. =)

Here's Ron & Bea. You can't find this wrapper else where. Sweety pie Ron print for me.
So nice!

These are from another sweetie, Win Ni.
Very sweet colors... all pinkish.
Love the packaging very much too... She put all these cosmetics under a lot of white roses. So romantic!!!

Beautiful rabbit fur key chain from Japan.
My dear friend Pui Ying got it for me.
(together with her bday card found some money.... i ask her why... she said ang pow.... Walau... so old yet still can get ang pow... haha)

Pui Ying's card. 

Match my birthday theme also wo.... Got key leh!!!

Jenice got me my another favorite brand!! Jenice, your card so many colors!!!

Is Che Che pouch!!! I love Che Che. Finally they opened outlets in Malaysia!!

Cute Monica got me this perfume. My old one finishing... This came on time!!

I don't know who got me this.... A metal card holder... Couldn't find any name on the wrapper....
Cannot be dropped from the sky la....

The famous hair stylist ~ Rick Lee bought me these. Nice right?

Rick told me he als obought a set for himself.. cox it is too beautiful.. haha.

Venie Tee got me these. Yahoo!!!! L'Occitane again!!!!

This rose necklace is from another Miss Astro 2008. Cantik Carine. 
I think she visited my blog before... If not how come she knew i love rose accessories.. haha..

Dear Janice got me this. My lovely lace collection just added a new thing!
Thanks Janice!

L'Occitane!!!!!! Thanks to OrangeHead Salon ~ May & Nicole.

My sis ~ Susan got me this bowl set. Nice! Good for my new house!!!

Dear Eric Ma bought me these from Liu Li Gong Fang. Eric!!!!!! Liu Li is my favorite too leh!!! xoxoxo

Anna Sui mirror from my team members. Thanks to dear Nut Nut, Janet, Hayden, Siok Hoon, Kenny, Chainie & Leo. =)
Love it!!!!

Dear Ying Fong bought me this make up set. 
Hehe.... this birthday almost all present i got is from my favorite brands la!!!
I really wonder how come they knew...??!!
Benefit is a favorite too!

Cutie Wan Wai Fun got me this crystal box! Nice!!!!!

See!!!!! I didn't lie!!! I got another set of L'Occitane again!!!
All my friends helped me to stocked up already!
No need to spent.

I got this set from 2 lovely ladies i just knew not long... Both ~ Yvonne.
Yvonne Chee & Yvonne Low. 
Xie Xie!!

Mr Jack Lim & my dear friend Veronica bought me this wine glasses set. Very gorgeous leh!!! Also good to use in my new house. 

My princess Rachel made me this. Without spending a cent. Very creative!!!!

She recycled all unwanted things to transformed into these for me.

A little blur.. Cox Miss Phoebe Yap wrote this by pencil on a black color wrapper.

Very beautiful handkerchief from Phoebe. 

Fruity wine from Taisu. 
I must try this!!!

Sally Lau got this wine for me. Will learn how to drink wine, I really must start soon!

A Swarovski pendant i bought for myself. 

Mae Liew bought me these, as she knew i'm running out of stock already. haha!

A big bouquet i received from Nicole Wong. Very touch leh!!!! She is in HK & ordered this and asked the florist sent to my shop. 

Serena bought this to match my wallet. =)
Thanks Serena!!!!

Hubby bought it for me.. Wanted a black leather sling bag since long ago!

More to come!!!!